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Regulus Associates, LLC

Regulus Associates LLC WBENC-Certified WBE-WOSB PADGS-Verified SDB Supplier

For Project Owners

More than a Checklist

Project success relies on a great team.  But finding quality resources for your project is about more than matching credentials and years of experience.  

Great performers, problem-solvers, and leaders are rarely captured on job boards.  And most importantly, you can't find Character on a CV. 

Give your project team the recruiting effort it deserves. When you partner with Regulus, you access a carefully maintained network of resources with the skills you need to achieve success. 

We Cultivate Resources

At Regulus, we constantly recruit exceptional professionals with a wide range and combination of skills and backgrounds to our network.  We work with our own employees, independent contractors, and other companies to build solid relationships based on respect, transparency, and proven results. 

We don't rely on a job posting - we grow and maintain a network of experienced performers and keep track of their career aspirations and availability.  We work to understand your specific project needs, and communicate the exciting opportunities to promising matches in our resource network. 

When you invite Regulus to help solve a problem, we are always ready to engage our network for a solution. 

Let us show you how the Regulus approach can improve your project! 

Why It Works

The work quality and expertise offered by consultant resources can vary, resulting in variations in project progress, quality, and inconsistent value-adds to your business.


Our resources are carefully selected by interest, experience, and skill set as well as project considerations to ensure a perfect fit for both the Talent and the Project Owners.  

Don't take chances with your project teams. Contact us to work with a company that partners in your success!