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Regulus Associates, LLC

Regulus Associates LLC WBENC-Certified WBE-WOSB PADGS-Verified SDB Supplier

About Regulus

More than a Resource

Every project needs resources with experience and expertise to be successful.  As projects face shorter timelines and tight budgets, resourcing right the first time is essential.  

It is no longer enough to fill seats with qualified people. Companies need to extend the value of contracted resources by working with partners who contribute expertise, share knowledge, and leverage their network to promote mutual benefits.

Similarly, top talent wants to work as partners with organizations that value their contributions and care about their interests.

Any firm can supply candidates, but connecting truly exceptional people requires a deliberate and consistent approach. 

Regulus is dedicated to promoting success by helping all participants work energetically and thrive.

The Regulus Approach

The Regulus approach includes support for all the professionals and organizations in our network. 

We keep Talent, Project Owners, and other partners engaged throughout our relationship – even when we are not actively working on a project together.  

We strive to be the first to know when top Talent is considering a change, and to hear about promising new projects within our network. Regulus does more than supply resources – we make matches, introductions, and referrals.  

We believe that building our business means encouraging everyone in our network to be successful.

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We value integrity, respect, and collaboration, and we put those concepts into practice with everything we do.  

Work with a company you can trust to care about your success.   

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